For all orders over €50 (Schengen Region)
*Does not apply for Wholesale​


For all orders over €50 (Schengen Region)
*Does not apply for Wholesale​

Intellectual property

Intellectual Property

PieceMaker has made significant investments in the creation of a commercially successful tobacco and lifestyle brand. In order to protect our brand and property, we take any actual or potential infringement of our rights (patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights) seriously.  To protect our brand, we have filed several applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Any violator of our intellectual property rights will be notified by our legal team and PieceMaker reserves all rights and remedies to take any legal action.

In accordance with U.S Patent Statute 35 U.S. Code Section 287(a), PieceMaker provides notice to the public that the following patents have been issued and all non-listed patents are “patent pending”:

  • US 9,854,834,B2
  • US 9,854,834
  • US 10,085,480
  • US D847,418
  • US D838,409
  • US D838,410
  • ZL 2017 3 0278434.2
  • ZL 2017 3 0278418.3

If you see a product which resembles ANY of our patented or patent-pending designs and does not have our information on it (, it is a counterfeit.

Please read the following information for more details:

  1. All our products are produced to an exacting standard, using FDA-approved materials and food-safe silicone and stainless steel (in products which have metal parts).
  1. Counterfeit products are usually sold without our name but occasionally, there are more direct copies which show our logo and website name. In this case, you can easily tell them apart based on the thin material and “floppy” feeling.
  1. PieceMaker offers premium customization for interested resellers, but these are only made to be co-branded. All customized products will be labeled with the PieceMaker and reseller logo/art to ensure all end-users know they are purchasing an original quality piece.
  1. All products and color lines are shown on our website ( so that you can feel good about owning an authentic PieceMaker product and easily determine if you purchased a knock-off.
  1. If you see products listed far below our MSRPs, they are not our products and probably made of second-rate material.

If you are an end-user and think you have discovered a counterfeit of our products or any other information which seem suspicious to you, please take a photo or provide any information to us at We’re happy to provide small rewards to our loyal customers.

For all resellers/wholesalers who didn’t realize PieceMaker created all these designs or who mistakenly bought counterfeit products, please contact us via contact form or call us at (530) 420-7680 and we will make sure you are set up with authentic quality PieceMaker products.

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